Nanofiltration Membrane elements

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The MWCO Range of nanofiltration membrane is between reverse osmosis membrane and ultrafiltration membrane, about 200-800 Dalton.

Interception characteristics: divalent and multivalent anions are preferentially intercepted, and the interception rate of monovalent ions is related to the concentration and composition of feed solution. Nanofiltration is generally used to remove organic matter and pigment in surface water, hardness in groundwater and partially remove dissolved salt. It is used for material extraction and concentration in food and biomedical production.

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1. Accurate MWCO.
2. Convenient to replacement of membrane.
3. No dead corner design, not easy to pollute.
4. Imported high-quality membrane materials, large flux and high stability.
5. Various specifications of membrane elements are available.
6. The filling density is high and unit cost is low.

Nanofiltration Membrane (3)

We provide a variety of spiral type nanofiltration membrane elements with fine MWCO, which have compact structure and reasonable surface area / volume ratio. By using different flow channel networks, (13-120mil) can change the width of the feed liquid flow channel to adapt to the feed liquid with various viscosities. In order to meet the application of some special industries, we can select suitable nanofiltration membranes for customers according to their process requirements, different treatment systems and relevant technical requirements.
Material: polyamide, sulfonated polyether inkstone, sulfonated alum.
Optional models: 100D, 150D, 200D, 300D, 500D, 600D, 800D.


1. Softened water treatment.
2. Chemical wastewater treatment.
3. Recovery of precious metals.
4. Removal of harmful substances in drinking water.
5. Decolorization or concentration of dyes, removal of heavy metals, purification of acids.
6. Concentration and refining of various proteins, amino acids and vitamins in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other fields.

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