Hollow Fiber Membrane elements

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Hollow fiber membrane is a kind of asymmetric membrane shaped like a fiber with self-supporting function. The membrane tube wall is covered with micropores, which can intercept substances with different molecular weights, and the MWCO can reach thousands to hundreds of thousands. The raw water flows under pressure outside or inside the hollow fiber membrane, forming external pressure type and internal pressure type respectively.

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1. Good pressure resistance.
2. Hollow fiber membrane does not need support.
3. The membrane module can be made into any size and shape.
4. The filling density of hollow fiber membrane in the module is large, the membrane area per unit area is large, and the flux is large.

Technical Parameter



Membrane Parameter

Membrane Type US20K US1200HI-100
Material PVDF / PES
Filtration Area 0.4m2 6m2
Fiber OD/ID Size 1.75 / 1.15mm
MWCO 2KD,3KD, 5KD, 10KD, 20KD, 50KD, 100KD, 200KD

Membrane use conditions

Filtration Mode Internal pressure type
Feed flow 300 L/h 2000-4000 L/h
Maximum feed pressure 0.3MPa
Maximum TMP 0.1MPa
Temperature range 10—35℃
Ph Range 3.0-12.0
Productivity 40-55 240-330

Cleaning conditions

Feed flow 500 L/h 2000-4000 L/h
Maximum feed pressure 0.1MPa
Maximum TMP 0.1MPa
Temperature range 25—35℃
Ph Range 2.0-13.0

Membrane Module

Shell Material Plexiglass & ABS SUS316L
Fiber Sealing Material Epoxy resin
Connector size Φ12mm hose connector Chunk
Module size φ50 x 300mm Φ106 x 1200mm


The industrial application of hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane modules and devices can be used in three aspects: concentration, separation of small molecular solutes and classification of macromolecular solvents. It is widely used in water purification treatment to remove bacteria, viruses, suspended solids, microorganisms, macromolecular organics, colloids, heat sources, etc. It is also widely used in chemical separation, medicine and health care, food processing, filtration and purification of tea drinks, vinegar and wine, etc.

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