Microfiltration membrane

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Microfiltration membrane generally refers to the filter membrane with a filter aperture of 0.1-1 micron. Microfiltration membrane can intercept particles between 0.1-1 micron. Microfiltration membrane allows macromolecules and dissolved solids (inorganic salts) to pass through, but will intercept suspended solids, bacteria, macromolecular colloids and other substances. 

  • Operating pressure of microfiltration membrane: generally 0.3-7bar.
  • Separation mechanism: mainly screening and interception
  • Optional models: 0.05um, 0.1um, 0.2um, 0.3um, 0.45um
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    Microfiltration Membrane

    Shandong Bona has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with many global organic membrane component suppliers. We have introduced a large number of imported organic membrane components, membrane modules and organic membrane accessories with excellent performance. We provide a variety of materials and retained molecular weight spiral Microfiltration membrane elements with compact structure and reasonable surface area / volume ratio. By using different flow passage nets (13-120mil), the width of the feed liquid flow passage can be changed to adapt to the feed liquid with various viscosities. We can also select suitable Microfiltration membrane for customers according to their process requirements, different treatment systems and relevant technical requirements.


    1. Separation efficiency is an important performance characteristic of micropores, which is controlled by the pore size and pore size distribution of the membrane. Because the pore size of microporous membrane can be uniform, the filtration accuracy and reliability of microporous membrane are high.
    2. The surface porosity is high, which can generally reach 70%, at least 40 times faster than the filter paper with the same interception capacity.
    3. The thickness of microfiltration membrane is small, and the loss caused by liquid adsorption by filter medium is very small.
    4. Polymer microfiltration membrane is a uniform continuum. There is no medium falling off during filtration, which will not cause secondary pollution, so as to obtain high-purity filtrate.


    1. Filtration and sterilization in the pharmaceutical industry.
    2. Application of food industry (clarification of gelatin, clarification of glucose, clarification of juice, clarification of Baijiu, recovery of beer residue, sterilization of white beer, milk defatting, drinking water production, etc.)
    3. Application of health products industry: production of animal polypeptide and plant polypeptide; Health tea and coffee powder are clarified and concentrated; Vitamin separation, health wine impurity removal, etc.
    4. Application in biotechnology industry.
    5. Pretreatment of reverse osmosis or nanofiltration process.
    6. Removal of algae and particulate impurities in surface water such as reservoirs, lakes and rivers.

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