SGS Inspection for Ceramic Membrane Filtration System

SGS Inspection1

SGS Inspection for the Ceramic Membrane Filter System.

Shandong Bona Group Factory manufactured a set of Ceramic Membrane Filter System for Customer. This Automatic Membrane Filtration System, housing material is SUS316L, membrane is Ceramic membrane, automatic PLC control. It can realize automatic membrane filtering, automatic cleaning, automatic alarming function and etc.

Under customer’s request, SGS send Staff to our factory for the SGS Inspection on 6th, Dec, 2021.
The inspection results fully meet customer requirements.

Generally speaking ceramic Membrane Filtration System apply cross-flow filtration for liquid separation. It can be designed and manufactured with different materials and capacities according to different requirements of applications.

Materials including SUS304 or SS316L, Titanium alloy, FRPP and Plastic-lined steel.

A complete Ceramic Membrane Filtration System includes ceramic membrane elements, membrane modules, pumps (circulating pump, feed pump, CIP pump, etc.), valves, instruments (flow, pressure, temperature, liquid level, etc.), and auxiliary equipment (heat exchange Filters, pre-filter,back flushing systems, etc.), control systems (MCC cabinet, program cabinet, PLC, inverters, etc.), frames, and some supporting storage tanks and public works.

According to the technical requirement, capacity and other requirments from customer, our designer can design a reliable, economical, and practical filtration process and design. And will be manufactured soon in our own different factories, all those parts will be assembled and processed into a high-quality membrane filtration system under a strict quality control system; Quality inspection and testing will performed before shipping to ensure that the equipment software and hardware can meet the user’s requirements.

Control system of Ceramic membrane filtration system can be designed as manual control, automatic control. Our company has many years of project experience and a professional team, can customize personalized control systems according to different requirements of users.

Shandong Bona Group dedicating to be a professional service provider to help you with the best quality membrane products and solutions. Looking forward to establish good and long business relationship with you on mutual benefits!

Post time: Mar-03-2022