Ultrafiltration Membrane elements

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Ultrafiltration membrane is a kind of microporous filter membrane with pore size specification and rated pore size range of less than 0.01 micron. The target products with different molecular weights can be separated to achieve the purpose of decolorization, impurity removal and product classification.

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1. High thermal and chemical stability.
2. Imported raw materials ensure high quality.
3. No dead corner design, not easy to pollute.
4. Easy replacement of membrane module.
5. Various specifications of membrane components are available.
6. The filling density is high and unit cost is low.

Ultrafiltration Membrane

Shandong Bona has established long-term friendly cooperative relations with many global organic membrane component suppliers. We have introduced a large number of imported organic membrane components, membrane modules and organic membrane accessories with excellent performance. We provide a variety of materials and retained molecular weight spiral ultrafiltration membrane elements with compact structure and reasonable surface area / volume ratio. By using different flow passage nets (13-120mil), the width of the feed liquid flow passage can be changed to adapt to the feed liquid with various viscosities. We can also select suitable ultrafiltration membrane for customers according to their process requirements, different treatment systems and relevant technical requirements.

Optional models: 1000D, 2000D, 3000D, 5000d, 8000d, 10kd, 2o0kd, 30kd, 50kd, 70kD, 100kD, 30okd, 50okd, 80okd.


1. Clarification and concentration of fermentation broth in pharmaceutical and biochemical industries;
2. Whey protein separation and gelatin concentration;
3. Juice concentration and separation;
4. Separation and purification of traditional Chinese medicine;
5. Refining low alcohol liquor, clarifying wine;
6. Pretreatment of industrial water;
7. Purification and sterilization of pure water;
8. Oil water separation.

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