Cross Flow Techniqur for Wine Filtration

Wine filtration1

Ceramic membrane cross flow filtration system for wine clarification

Wine has a long history and used to use kieselguhr filters to filtering. But with the development of the times, This filtration method is gradually being replaced by cross-flow filtration. China filtration specialists Shandong Bona Biological Technology Group CO., Ltd used and improved the cross flow filtration technology, ensuring that this method of filtration can meet oenophiles’ high standards for wine quality and save energy in the process.

Cross flow filtration has been used for the clarification of wine in the past 40 years, along with the filtration of dairy, sugar, fruit juices and water, for bio-pharmaceutical applications (fermentation broth clarification and purification for the production of amino acids, organic acids, antibiotics, proteins, vaccines, vitamins, etc) and for the treatment of industrial effluents.

Baptism through the years, the advantages of cross flow membrane filtration technology has become increasingly prominent in environmental protection and resource conservation. Wine filtration is an example.

Cross flow filtration uses a selective porous membrane that filters a liquid in order to purify, or clarify it. While in dead-end filtration the there is no circulation of the liquid (as in cartridges, plate filters, etc), in cross-flow filtration the circulation is parallel to the membrane. The technique consists in creating a turbulent stream on the surface of the membrane, thus preventing filtered particles to settle on the membrane.

Ceramic cross flow filtration equipment requires little energy to work. Moreover, the quality of the filtration is constant over time because the fouling is reduced. Cross flow filtration is a “soft” process because the filtering is made without any change of state of the filtered element, and never gets distorted. It is also an environmentally-friendly process as no filter aid is used. It therefore has very strong advantages as it drastically simplifies the steps used to process the wine before bottling and it can reduce or eliminate the need for some consumables. In one step, cross flow filtration clarifies the wine, giving it a clear appearance and making the wine micro biologically stable. We can provide different pore size ceramic membrane for your choose. And we have the experimental scale filtration machine to support your process development.

The traditional advantages inherent in ceramic membranes are also beneficial, and include:

1. Mechanical resistance, entailing an extremely long life time and reliability.
2. Resistance to heat and chemical products even in high concentrations, which is crucial for the cleaning of the membrane.
3. A strong safety during operation.
4. Low water consumption and low waste production.

Now, With the developments in environmental and health regulations have forced the wine industry to find alternatives to kieselguhr filters. Cross flow filtration is the unique alternative, and it’s also meet the mind of carbon neutral.

Post time: Mar-03-2022