Lab Use Ceramic Membrane Filtration Machine BONA-GM-22G

Short Description:

It can be replaced with different pore sizes of ceramic membrane elements (UF, MF). It is widely used in biological, pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Bio-pharm, plant extraction, chemical, Blood product, environmental protection and other fields. It can be used for experiments such as separation, purification, clarification, and sterilization of feed liquid. Can replace the traditional process of plate and frame filtration, centrifugal separation, solvent extraction, natural sedimentation, semiautomatics earth filtration etc. It can reduce the quantity of activated carbon in decolorization, improve the adsorption efficiency of resin adsorption, and prolong the regeneration period of ion exchange resin. The ceramic membrane filtration and separation technology has the advantages of fast filtration, high yield, good quality, low operating cost, and long service life. 

  • Design Pressure: P ≤ 1MPa
  • Working pressure: ≤ 1MPa
  • PH range: 0.0-14.0
  • Cleaning PH range: 0.0-14.0
  • Working temperature: 0 - 120℃
  • Power demand: Customized
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    Product Name

    Lab Use Ceramic Membrane Filtration Machine


    Model No.



    Filtration Precision



    Filtration Rate



    Minimum Circulating Volume



    Feed Tank



    Design Pressure



    Working Pressure

    ≤ 1.0MPa


    PH Range



    Working Temperature

    0 - 120℃


    Total Power



    Machine Material


    System Characteristics

    1. Housing quantity, controller and other functions can be customized.
    2. The experimental machine adopts integrated structure, it's simple to operate, equipped with casters, easy to move, and there is no sanitary dead corner on the surface of the equipment, it meets the requirements of GMP.
    3. The inner and outer surfaces of the equipment pipes are of good quality, smooth and flat, clean and hygienic, safe and reliable, it can ensure the pressure and corrosion resistance of the equipment.
    4. The equipment bracket is brushed/polished, and the fillet weld, external butt weld and the end of the pipe are polished and smooth.
    5. The pump is equipped with an over-temperature automatic protection function, which realizes automatic over-temperature shutdown and ensures the absolute safety of experimental liquid and filtration equipment.
    6. Other pore size of ceramic membrane elements (20nm-1400nm) can be replaced.
    7. The membrane shell adopts automatic argon filling protection, single-sided welding, double-sided molding, safety and hygiene.

    Optional membrane pore size

    50nm, 100nm,  200nm, 400nm, 600nm, 800nm, 1um, 1.2um, 1.5um, 2um, 30nm, 20nm, 12nm, 10nm, 5nm, 3nm etc.

    Advantage of ceramic membrane filter

    Stable chemical properties, acid resistance, alkali resistance and oxidation resistance.
    Organic solvent resistance, high temperature resistance.
    High mechanical strength and good wear resistance.
    Long life and large processing capacity.
    Narrow pore size distribution, high separation accuracy, up to Nanoscale.
    Easy to clean, can be sterilized online or at high temperature, and can accept back flush.

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