Hollow Membrane Industrial Machine BNMF803-A

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BONA small experimental hollow fiber membrane equipment membrane element can be replaced with various molecular weight cut-off hollow fiber membrane elements (UF, MF). It is widely used in biological, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, environmental protection and other fields, and it can be used for process experiments such as separation, purification, clarification, and sterilization of feed liquid.

  • Working pressure: ≤ 4 Bar
  • PH range: 2.0-12.0
  • Cleaning PH range: 2.0-12.0
  • Working temperature: 5 - 55℃
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    Hollow Membrane Industrial Machine (3)
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    1 Product Name Hollow Fiber Membrane Filtration Pilot Equipment
    2 Model No. BNMF803-A
    3 Filtration Precision MF/UF
    4 Filtration area 60 m2
    5 Total Power 6 Kw
    6 Feed Tank 1000L
    7 Material of overflow SUS316L
    8 Working Pressure 0-4bar
    9 PH Range 2-13
    10 Working Temperature 5-55℃
    11 Cleaning Temperature 5-55℃
    12 Power demand AC, 380V / 50Hz

    Characteristics of industrial equipment

    1. It is carried out at normal temperature under mild conditions without component damage, especially suitable for heat sensitive substances;
    2. It can meet the filtration requirements of customers with different precision, and the pore size distribution is uniform, which can realize the purification and concentration of the effective components of the feed liquid;
    3. The cross flow operation design of the system does not need to add filter aid, and will not introduce new impurities, so as to completely solve the problem of pollution and blockage;
    4. Modular design, convenient for elements replacement, online regeneration, cleaning and sewage discharge device, reduce labor intensity and production cost and improve production efficiency;
    5. The system is easy to operate, clean and maintain;
    6. The membrane filter element has large filling area and small system floor area, which is convenient for technical improvement, expansion or new projects, and effectively reduces the investment cost and production cost.

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