Ceramic Membrane Industrial System BNCM91-6-A

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The BNCM91-6-A Ceramic Membrane System is an automatic control type Industrial Scale production equipment. The equipment consists of six 91-core membrane modules, each equipped with 91 ceramic membrane elements (can be replaced with 5nm-1500nm ceramic membrane elements), which can be used for the production of processes such as concentration, separation, purification and clarification of material and liquid. The main components of this system include feeding pump, circulating pump, slag discharge pump, ceramic membrane module, control cabinet and system pipeline, cleaning tank, etc.

  • Filtration area: 156 m2 / set
  • Filtration rate: 10-16m3/h (depends on the feed)
  • Filtration Precision: As required (5nm-1500nm)
  • Working temperature: 5 - 55℃
  • Working pressure: 0-10 Bar
  • pH range: 0-14
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    Industrial Ceramic Membrane System BNCM91-6-A





    Model no. BNCM91-6-A


    Filtration area 156m2/set


    Filtration Precision As required


    Filtration rate 10-16m3/h (depends on the feed)


    Working temperature 5 - 55℃


    Working pressure 0-10bar


    pH range 0-14


    Total Power 140KW 


    Material of overflow SUS304


    Membrane element Model: JDM30-19-4-1200
    Length: 1200±0.2mm
    Filter surface: 0.286㎡
    Runner size: 19channel*4mm
    OD: Φ30mm±0.1mm


    Mode of control Manual / PLC Automatic control 


    Structure of system Integrated structure.


    Power demand AC/380V/50HZ or as required

    Characteristics of industrial equipment

    1. It can meet the filtration requirements of customers with different precision, and the pore size distribution is uniform, which can realize the Clarification or concentration of the feed liquid;
    2. It is carried out at normal temperature under mild conditions without component damage, especially suitable for heat sensitive substances;
    3. Modular design, convenient for elements replacement, online regeneration, cleaning and sewage discharge device, reduce labor intensity and production cost and improve production efficiency;
    4. The system is easy to operate, clean and maintain;
    5. The cross flow operation design of the system does not need to add filter aid, and will not introduce new impurities, so as to completely solve the problem of pollution and blockage;

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